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The Science Break is video based learning resource for GCSE Science. The videos are all made by me, Kishore Vyas, and I have used my extensive experience to put together a whole course to cover GCSE Science for AQA.

You can see details of what is available in the FAQ section but for now here is a quick run through of my experience.

I started teaching in 1995 and have worked in secondary schools both here (mainly London) and abroad. A couple of key positions include being a Head of Science, where I turned around a struggling department and from there, an assistant head teacher where I continued to work on school improvement and helped worked in a struggling school. We managed not only to help a school in difficulty, but to send it on its journey to a thriving and successful secondary school. Here is an interview I did at the BBC about that.

BBC Interview - Kishore Vyas

I was still a science teacher and just after that time I started what turned out to be the first and largest YouTube channels for GCSE Science. I didn't know it at the time, and all I was doing was helping students in my classes who missed lessons or wanted to revise. As an assistant headteacher it was hard to find the time to help students individually who missed lessons or needed extra help. But, students came along to watch the videos and I remember when the first video reached the 60 view point - I was astounded, but it was nothing compared to what was to come. The channel grew quickly, so quickly that it even surprised me - it soon passed the 100k viewing figure, then 500k, then a million, 5 million and more. I got thousands of thank yous and messages of support from students, teachers and parents. It led to all sorts of interesting experiences, for example getting a record number of nomination for the Teacher of the Year through the Pearson Teaching Awards!

At this point, I made a very risky decision. I've always believed in doing what you love and I decided to to leave my job as an assistant head teacher and really focus on teaching science through tech. The Head Teacher at my school, very kindly offered me a part-time position and I went off to work on teaching science online. And, again it was my good fortune that the project continued to grow and it seemed the possibilities were endless in terms of how many students I could help, with even the chance of making a living at doing so.

But just at that point, my luck ran out. I was approached by a third party and, after I think having watched too much Dragon's Den, I went against my gut instinct I partnered with someone. The detail of that is a story for another day, but in summary, it was a massive mistake and resulted in me leaving that project. That resource continues but unfortunately has lost its soul.

But that is the past!

It left me to start again after a while and the result is The Science Break. I often get asked where that name came from, and again that is in the FAQ section! It is much more crowded in the online teaching arena now with everyone and their auntie make GCSE Science videos. But none of them are the original Mr GCSE Science! So here I am. Starting again from scratch, but with a lot of experience, I'm a bit older and a lot wiser. I still teach GCSE classes part-time and I work in an awesome department of teachers who focus relentlessly on being better at their job. I consider myself lucky to be involved in doing what I really enjoy. So the YouTube channel continues, and continues to grow slowly but surely. There is now also a growing podcast and Instagram seems to be helping students too. If this website is successful, you can expect to see all sorts of extra support and help for students who struggle with GCSE Science. So whether you sign up or not, there is still a lot of help for you. But you also have a chance to be part of our journey by using the resources and spreading the word about The Science Break.

Thanks for reading if you got this far!

Good luck!

Kishore Vyas